“I had been looking for a new stylist for nearly a year when I happened to find Sia. I could tell at first appointment that I’d found the right one. She has a great eye for style and is always willing to offer candid advice. She’s careful and meticulous and you never feel rushed but she manages to get you in and out pretty quickly. She’s also genuinely warm and friendly, someone who is beautiful both inside and out. I look forward to seeing her each month. I finally tried a hot towel scalp massage and can’t believe I’d been missing out on such a relaxing experience all this time, it’s amazing!”
--Andrew V.

“Sia has been cutting my hair for 7 years and there isn’t anyone in Portland that I have found that is her equal. No matter how disheveled and neglected I am whenever I enter (I travel a lot) she always has me leaving and feeling better than when I arrived.””
--Scott F.

“Sia has been cutting my hair for the past 7 years and I am thrilled with her new salon, The Cutting Room. I am always happy with my haircut and she has this uncanny knack for knowing exactly what I want in terms of length and style. Great service, great atmosphere, great conversation!”
--Will K.

“Sia has been taking care of my hair for more than 5 years with her amazing talent. She is the only stylist who has been able to tame my untameable cowlicks. Her unique combination of skill and genuine personality are what keep me coming back. The scalp massages are incredible too!”
--Erik L.

“I’ve been coming to Sia for some 6 years. I think it’s safe to say she knows her way around a pair of scissors. Just as importantly, she works to know each client’s quirks-for me, it’s cutting it short in the back and shorter still in the summer but sometimes like to grow it long and she patiently puts up with all of it. Sia is also fantastic at giving scalp massages so definately¬† take advantage of those skills if given the chance. Combine these attributes with a charming and sweet personality and it’s easy to see why her clients stay with her.”
--Ranjit B.

“You want perfection and so you deserve perfection! You work hard so you deserve a little relaxation. In over 8 years of service, Sia continues to always deliver. From cut to shampoo...to scalp massage to hot towel. I would never consider going anywhere else.”
-- Mark S.